More Than Hope 2.0

Using music to learn, reflect and act for racial justice.

This one-hour conversation features a ‘Dream Team’ of 3 women who, with Vermont host Hannah Assefa, discuss the role of music in moving from statements of solidarity to action for individuals, organizations and systems committed to racial justice.


Hannah Assefa

Fiddler; Educator; Board Member, Young Tradition Vermont

Afa Dworkin

Violinist; President and Artistic Director, Sphinx Organization

Leyla McCalla

Cellist; Composer; Grammy Award Winning Member of the Carolina Chocolate Drops

Regina Carter

Violinist; Multi-Grammy Nominee; MacArthur Fellow

‘More Than Hope’ is part of holding regular conversations about racial justice.

We are setting aside time for these conversations, to hear ourselves, and to hear from others.

Afa, Regina and Leyla help us consider making black and brown artists and their work part of what is presented to young musicians and dancers, and part of what they are inspired about, learn from, include in their performances, and use to serve their communities.

We invite others to join us as we listen for ideas and principles that can be useful in attempts to be diverse, inclusive and equitable. These topics with guests like Afa, Regina and Leyla give us time to understand, reflect and decide to take meaningful action. ‘More Than Hope’ allows us to hear about, think about and focus on ways we can include our values about racial justice in what we do with and for children and youth.

– Young Tradition Vermont

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