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Our mission is to ensure the care and education of young children (0-5) addresses topic areas that significantly affect their learning and development.

Our Team

As we focus on specific topics, different leaders—individuals or groups—will be identified to coordinate activity related to these topics. Folks might self-identify or be recommended by others.

Our vision for this site is to keep it fluid, adding new topics, welcoming newcomers, bringing people together in different ways.

Current Moderators

Climate Change

Maggie Rubick

Licensed Early Childhood Educator, Instructor, Advocate, Child Development Specialist, and Pre-K mentor teacher

Northshire Day School

Scope of Early Learning and Development

Susan Torncello

Early Childhood Birth-Grade 3 Program – Lecturer, Clinical Supervisor, UVM

More Than Hope

Hannah Assefa

Elementary Educator

Scope of Early Learning and Development

Kaitlin Northey

Assistant Professor
University of Vermont, College of Education and Social Services

Past Moderators

Climate Change

Jed Norris

Early Childhood Program Coordinator

Shelburne Farms

Climate Change

Sarah Sciortino

Organize UVM

Turrell Fund Team

Curt Fields

CEO & President

Rich Ribeiro

Chief Operating Officer & Treasurer

Kim Keiser

Vermont Executive

Mark Sustic

Turrell Fund Trustee

Evan Delgado

Vice President of Programs

Madison McHugh

Director of Operations & Programs

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